Angular Blocks Tee

I love seeing the work behind a design; the inspiration, the sketches and the process. So I thought I would share with you the initial idea for my Angular Blocks Tee that is featured in The Knitting Collection Volume 2.

All images sourced from Pinterest  

I always like in include inspirational imagery that shows where my idea has come from, in this case (as in a lot of my work) my inspiration was architecture. I love spending time on Pinterest looking for architectural images to inspire my work, as well as going out and photographing buildings myself when I can.  From the images I have collected, I begin sketching what kind of garment or accessory I imagine my idea working as. If I'm happy with the idea I will choose a yarn that I think will work well and I'll knit up a swatch. I'll also start thinking about construction and details like trims and necklines.

And this is how it turned out, I'm really please with the overall look and love how its been styled and shot. Hope you all like it too! 


G ∆

Georgia Farrell