A view from a train

I'm a big fan of train travel. I spend 3 days a week working up in London for which I commute in and out from my home in Essex. This is the first of a short series of posts I've wanted to write for a while about commuting. Some days, I don't even look out of the window at all, but I like to try and at least spend some time gazing at the world flying by. If you've seen any of my work or read any of my other blog posts, you'll understand why I love the view from the train; the lines, angles, geometric patterns. 

Now I know you won't all see the beauty and inspiration I see in these images, but they inspire me and many of my designs are based of patterns, shapes and lines I've seen through a train window or from a station platform. And that makes commuting less of a drag. 

Commuting doesn't have to be hell, it's time where you can't be anywhere else, time that can be lost and wasted, or time that can be used and reclaimed. 

In my next post I'll write about some of the other things I like to do to reclaim my commute. 

G ∆

Georgia Farrell